Charges Imminent?

This past week, Philip wrote:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Office Of The Attorney General of the State of Texas is in the process of filing a reported 12 felony criminal cases against unnamed members and employees of the Port Arthur Housing Authority. Sources close to the state of Texas told the Review that an emergency meeting was held today by the Housing Authority Board which tried to deal with the situation. As well, an attorney has been hired for the Executive Director, Cele Quesada.

The sources, that demand anonymity, tell the Review that members of the housing authority are alleged to have violated state laws regarding purchasing, bidding, and actual cash outlay's to family members or known associates.

Remember what he wrote about BISD:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that according to sources close to the investigation of BISD that "indictments will be announced any day now."

The announcement may come as early as next Monday or Tuesday.
"They are ready - they are writing it up," said the source.

Philip Klein 4-14-11

And the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission:

As well - the Review has learned that the US Attorney's office will be making a statement next week regarding this matter - according to our sources in the Federal Government.

Philip Klein 12-10-10

And who could forget the 2008 Presidential race:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

Southeast Texas Political Review 9-3-07

Our take?

....................................................Philip lies..................