What a week! Lets get started...

ENTERPRISE: Main stream media picks up "Klein case law". Comments include:

One word describes this: awesome!

We all win with this decision.

choke on it, losers

EMAILS: Lots of emails congratulating us on the legal victory. Thank Jeff Dorrell. And yes, he will talk to you if you are interested in suing Philip or FOX 4.

INDICTMENTS: Wait, I thought BISD was getting indicted this week:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that according to sources close to the investigation of BISD that "indictments will be announced any day now."

The announcement may come as early as next Monday or Tuesday.
"They are ready - they are writing it up," said the source.

Philip Klein 4-14-11

Which reminds me, we are STILL WAITING on the indictments against the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission

As well - the Review has learned that the US Attorney's office will be making a statement next week regarding this matter - according to our sources in the Federal Government.

Philip Klein 12-10-10

...................Philip lies......


The 202 has been moved into a full lawsuit. Discovery begins.

I predict that the "full lawsuit" will be moved back into a 202 next week. This is starting to look like a tennis match.

MAY 27th: Speaking of which, Not going to be a good day for your lawsuit Philip.

Have a Happy Easter. We will post post the posting of the posted post.