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GATOR: Kleinbashing and more Kleinbashing.

KFDM: Kleinbashing and more Kleinbashing Courtesy of our friend COYLIN (who we like)

NUMBERS: All this Kleinbashing. Is it good for numbers? Apparently not. Despite Philip's claims, his website is seeing only 174 visitors per day.

LAWSUIT UPDATE: Nothing to report. Maybe Philip needs a new attorney.


"I have been told that if drastic measures are not taken here we will be out of business in the next 60 days," said one employee of the Enterprise that demanded anonymity.

Philip Klein 3-20-09

Sources inside the Beaumont Enterprise tell the Review that the gong is getting ready to be rung. According to our sources - layoffs, non-hiring and a "drop dead" day for the Beaumont Enterprise has been given to management.

Philip Klein 3-26-09

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the wrong ballots (computer ballots) may have been sent to the Taylor's Bayou area of Port Arthur - and that they were used and citizens in Pct. 4 actually voted in the Pct. 2 race. The numbers are unknown.

Philip Klein 3-5-10

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