Retard Writes

RETARD WRITES is a patent, trademark, 'copyrite' of STE Enterprises and the Eatafly Foundation. Any implications or inferences that Philip Klein writes his own READER MAIL, however pathetic, are purely intentional.

Sometimes around here, we have to laugh, we really do. We laugh and then we giggle and then we get pissed off because our wife has hidden the alcohol again and then we get happy because we find the bottle that we hid behind the file cabinet.

We sat down this weekend to write ourselves some more Reader Mail but before we got started, we thought we'd take a look at our old friend Philip r. Klein, editor's latest batch of Reader Mail and buddy guess what we found.

Yup, Philip's 'readers' referred to him as buddy ALOT. Unusual don't you think. Lets take a look:

Keep up the great work buddy!

Say hi to Tracey for me buddy!

Smile buddy - life is good.

Really buddy - take a good hard look at yourself.

You speak for us buddy and we thank you.

Thought you might enjoy this buddy!

Other than that you are right on the money buddy!

What up with that buddy.

Our take?

I think it's pretty clear who's been writing Philip's Reader Mail. He doesn't have that many buddies.