Philip Klein v. Lindsey Brackin

Lindsey Brackin once again takes Philip Klein to the woodshed in her response to Philip's invitation to post on his website:

Sir, no offense, but I responded to your erroneous "editorial" on March 9th, 2011, on two different websites. I find it EXTREMELY difficult to believe that you have no knowledge of my response since you are in litigation with one website and have been whining for months about the other one and how they allow "bad things" to be said about you. If you desire a response from me, I suggest you copy and paste either one of my responses from Operation Kleinwatch or the KFDM talk forums (under General Discussion, titled "In Response to a Recent "Editorial"... but you already knew that). If you lack the time to copy the text yourself, I'll do so for you and send it to you- however, despite your ernest assurance that you will not edit my reply, I will not be sending you any response other than that which has already been written. Just inform me of which variation of the response you desire and I will be more than happy to copy and paste it for you.

I sincerely hope that you do find a way to grow a tougher skin and begin to accept negative criticism- as long as you call yourself an editor and post heresay, rumor, and the imaginary on your website, I guarantee you will be experiencing a great deal of it, and not just from "loud mouth" opinionated whipper-snappers like myself. If you want to be professional, act professional: hire a proof-reader, check all your bases before you post a story, and for God's sake, don't make things up just to increase readership. In any case, I have expended enough of my precious time and energy on your foolishness in this personal matter between us, and I am almost certain you have better things to do with your time than engage in a flame war with a 24 year old. I will not censor my opinion of your blog and how you operate it, so please don't expect me to wear kitten skin gloves just because you decided to air my personal information. I have never been one to back down from a fight, and perhaps that is a fault we both share. Thank you for providing me with endless entertainment and chuckles, as well as the occasional thought-provoking piece. I can't wait to see how you spin this on the Southeast Texas Political Review!


Lindsey Brackin, Dissenter and Public Opinion Giver

Readers can find Lindsey's published responses :

Yet like an ostrich with his head in the ground, Klein simply denies the existence of the criticism:

Sunday Post Is Up - Lindsey Brackin Says No.

EDITOR"S NOTE: The ostrich analogy may be somewhat inappropriate given Philip's behavior at his backyard birthday party this past weekend but baboon just didn't work. Philip, a man with your girth should remain fully clothed.

Our take?

.............................................Philip lies......................