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As well - the Review has learned that the US Attorney's office will be making a statement next week regarding this matter - according to our sources in the Federal Government.

Philip Klein 12-10-2010

Funny, I missed their statement. Anyone? Beuler? Beuler?


If Philip's blog is averaging over 8,000 hits per day, how come only 116 people have voted in his poll during the last two weeks?

Philip's IPOD:

Like anyone cares. Funny, we didn't find any OASIS on it. See for yourself HERE.

Two Years Ago:

The Review has learned that there is an internal movement to put up red light camera's in Beaumont

Philip Klein 1-2-09

That never happened I guess....

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that top leaders of the democratic party have come to a political conclusion over the past few weeks. That is - law and order Judge Layne Walker is "not electable" to the position of Jefferson County District Attorney.

Philip Klein 1-9-09

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think he ever ran for that position.


500 days since Klein v. Google made national headlines and............ still nada.

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