Happy New Year.

We here at the Review hope all our readers had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all a prosperous new year. For many, January is a time of resolutions and commitments to change. Unfortunately for the editor of our sister Review, The Southeast Texas Political Review, it looks like Philip Klein is up to his old tricks.

Here is an email Philip posted last week from an alleged "reader"

"I read your detractors today. What a joke they have turned out to be. Either you have gotten better or they are just stale?"

Unusual word there.....detractor. I would have said critic, or maybe those assholes Gus and Sam. Who do we know that uses that word.......alot?

"The media made it up? Is that not what the detractors in the media and web sites say about us?"

Philip Klein 11-7-2008

"Lastly - to our detractors - I send this notice publicly - which you will probably after mentioning go into your little rooms and whack your little key boards until you spew your sick words on your enormous web sites"

Philip Klein 10-31-2008

"- this lady needs to resign and every paper in the area, everyone editorialist and even our detractors need to stand up and say enough."

Philip Klein 11-19-2009

"To those detractors of this site - we understand. It is hard for you to understand that there are people that want government out of their lives"

Philip Klein 12-31-2009

"My detractors love to point to our businesses."

Philip Klein 10-22-2010

"But I will say this - every single Radio program, TV Program or interview I do my detractors read and comment."

Philip Klein 10-22-2010

I wonder if Philip sends Christmas cards to himself as well.

At the end of the year, Philip had this to say about visitors to his blog:

Tonight will mark the end of the biggest year in the history of the Review. We will hit near 600,000 direct hits and just over 3 million page views.

Unfortunately, WEBSITE OUTLOOK, a company that tracks internet traffic, didn't quite get the same numbers.

Looks like 2011 will be just another year of lies from our old friend, Philip r. Klein, editor.