In the Hands of the District Attorney

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned late last night that the incident regarding Philip Klein intentionally posting stolen government documents on the internet has been referred to the Jefferson County District Attorney.

"Judge Stevens has asked Maness to look at the case." Said our source at the courthouse that demanded anonymity.

The relevant criminal statute is Article 42.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure which reads as follows:

A report and all information obtained 
in connection with a presentence investigation or postsentence
report are confidential and may be released only:
(1) to those persons and under those circumstances
authorized under Subsections (d), (e), (f), (h), (k), and (l) of
this section;
(2) pursuant to Section 614.017, Health and Safety Code; or
(3) as directed by the judge for the effective supervision
of the defendant.

Sources close to the investigation tell the Review that Klein may also be looking at felony charges of Tampering with a Government Record.

"He's in some serious trouble." Said an attorney the Review spoke with this morning.

Our take?

Philip Klein broke the law. Yes, he broke the law. And it's not the first time. From stalking, to falsely representing himself as a federal agent, to threatening people with a firearm, Philip Klein is a criminal. He is a ticking time bomb that will go off and hurt innocent people. He is someone who we all look at in hindsight and ask why he was not on anyone's radar. In the security world he is one that most fear which is a "loose cannon" as it is said in the business. Someone that tells nobody what he is planning. The only thing people know is that he is strange, different or has "issues." His deflated self image and hatred for the community that has ostracized him continues to drive him to make bad choices. He should go to jail and a complaint should be filed on him with the Private Investigators Board (see the link on the right).

It is sad, really sad. We feel for his family.