In conjunction with our sister Review, the Sam the Eagle Political Review is proud to announce the first annual Bonehead Award. The award will be given to an individual that has shown exceptional boneheadedness during the past year and will be selected 1/3 by our editor, Sam t. Eagle, 1/3 by our staff here at the Review, and 1/3 by writing the candidates names on pieces of paper, placing them in a toilet, and seeing which one can survive fecal bombardment the longest.

And now, the candidates:

Carroll "Butch" Thomas: The BISD Superintendent is probably the most hated man in a fifty mile radius having milked the Beaumont Independent School District for millions and caused enormous increases in property taxes. He's one of the prime reasons that Highway 69 is bumper to bumper at 5:00 every afternoon. On a positive note, if you work for him, you can blow up a bus full of nuns and orphans and not get so much as a stern look.

Philip Rogers Klein, editor: Philip started out the year with a bang when his knife wielding lawyer convinced Judge Floyd to order galactic powerhouse GOOGLE to tell him who Gus and I were. Alas, a year later, he still doesn't know shit. (Some private detective). His predictions of long prison terms for Jefferson County elected officials for violating the Hatch Act, never came to pass, nor did any of the other crap that he vomited onto his website. His high point of the year was getting busted making lewd comments about KFDM news anchor Kelli Philips on Beaumont Underground. He did manage to score a gig on KBTV which has prompted the local cameramen to hone their skills in wide angle shooting.

Jon Gosselin: The ex-reality television star dumped this.......

for this.......

The winner will be announced after the new year.