There is mayhem in the streets as Jefferson County citizens rioted over the weekend, storming the courthouse, sacking county commissioners, and helping themselves to dozens of generators left over from Hurricane Rita.

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned that The Southeast Texas Political Review, in conjunction with the Sam the Eagle Political Review, The 1933 Follies Revue, and a review for our history test on Thursday (I hate it when you do this shit) are reporting that the corruption in Jefferson County has forced the democratic propaganda machine into overdrive.

"Thes pikture shuws tha cunty ez kurrput" Said, Philip r. Klein, editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review in an interview that didn't take place last night.

Other photographs, taken on Mr, Klein's blackberry show rioting at the courthouse:

The illegal use of County property by county officials:

And attempts by the democratic propaganda machine to influence young voters:

"Tha cityzans hev hed enuf end thay red us 2 lern tha trooth." Philip Klein told a pair of unwary solicitors who appeared outside his office this morning.

Our take?

WOW! Simply WOW! We have said it here for years now and when we say it we have said it post saying it and we are right because we said it. Jefferson County is corrupt. And the corruption comes from the corrupt corruption post corruption.

You bet we will watch this one.