Eagle Staff Note : Mr. Philip r. Klein, Editor Will Be Speaking At The Port Arthur Rotary Club On The 23rd At Noon. Sam T. Eagle, Editor Has Been Asked To Introduce.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great.........uhhmmnn........duty to introduce your speaker today, Philip R. Klein, editor.

Mr. Klein is originally from New Jersey but that is not why he talks funny. He is not a graduate of any university, trade school, vocational school, beauty school, or any other institution of higher learning.

Mr. Klein was the head of PRK Enterprises and Klein Investments, both of which sought bankruptcy protection from multiple creditors in Federal Court. He worked at one of his ex-father-in law's Dairy Queens for a short time and then later became a paramedic where he met his third wife. He is now a private investigator. Mr. Klein has applied for, and received, a large number of government sponsored assistance packages.

He has been involved in more than forty law suits, many of which have accused him of lying and publishing false information on his website. Last year he paid approximately $35,000 to a local Justice of the Peace to settle one of his libel cases. This past Spring, he was caught posting derogatory comments on a local media forum about women's genetalia.

He has two children by his first marriage, for which he was held in contempt for not paying child support, one by his second, none by his third and a check of public records shows that he is not behind on child support payments for any illegitimate children.

And now, the man who the Beaumont Enterprise called, a veritable cauldron of iffy journalism, ladies, and gentlemen, I am.....wait,.......where are you going??????????"