Sometimes around here we have to laugh and shake our heads and then turn sideways and place our hand underneath our armpit and make a funny noise. We really do.

The STE Political Review has learned today that the SET Political Review is reporting despite reports from the STE Political Review and the SET Political Review (God would you quit doing this!)....what were we saying....oh yes..... that the recent deaths rocking the entertainment industry are in fact.....untrue.

Philip r. Klein, editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review (and who we don't like) is convinced that the reported deaths of rock star Ronnie James Dio, child actor, Gary Coleman, and Hollywood bad guy, Dennis Hopper, were in fact caused by corruption in Jefferson County politics.

"We hev pruf thet thes sters wer envulved en kurruption." Said Klein in an exclusive interview with the Review.

Despite verified reports of deaths caused by cancer and a brain hemorrhage, Klein told the Review that he has undisputed evidence that these three men chartered a fishing boat in a remote port in southern California for a three hour tour and were stranded on a deserted island.

"Tha wether sterted gitting ruff end tha tini shep wes tussed." Klein stated, showing us this picture of the ship he claimed he found on GOOGLE EARTH:

Klein further asserts that Jefferson County officials have published a web of deceit surrounding the stars deaths so that the Coast Guard will not call for a search.

"Et iz kurruption! Plen end semple."

You bet we will watch this one.