Blood in the Water

There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling.

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned today that complaints are being drafted against Philip Klein and Klein Investigations for alleged violations of the law regarding an investigation involving the Stark Foundation and that lawyers in Houston have been contacted regarding possible civil actions.

"I have no idea what that idiot was thinking." Said a caller to The Review this afternoon. "He is in some hot water and I hope the Stark's don't have to pay the price."

The Review has learned that Philip Klein and Klein Investigations were hired by the Stark Foundation to look into some improprieties involving a book that was recently published entitled "If The Devil Had A Wife." An expose into the Stark Family of Orange, Texas.

"Klein was hired by the Starks." Said a source close to the publishing company.

Shortly after it's release, several internet sites appeared, commenting on the content of the book. The main one located HERE.

"Philip harassed the hell out of these people." Said a caller that will call the Review tomorrow. "He sent letters to their employers and accused them of crimes."

The Review filed seventeen PGUSISWCMSU (Please Give Us Some Information So We Can Make Shit Up) requests and were informed that the Texas Rangers and the United States Attorney's Office are investigating.

"Philip is in some deep shit." Said our source in Judge Roy Bean's court.

This afternoon, an anonymous source that demanded they remain anonymous informed us that complaints are being drafted and will be filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Investigator Division... (see the link on the side of this page if you would like to file one)... alleging multiple violations of the laws of the State of Texas, statutes of The United States of America, principles of the Duchy of Lichtenstein, and assorted violations of the GEICO adjusters manual. Additionally, The Review has learned that attorneys in Houston have been contacted to look into civil liability on behalf of Klein, Klein Investigations, and the Stark Foundation.

"If the Stark Foundation knew what Philip was doing, they could be liable for a bunch of money." Said an attorney The Review contacted this afternoon.

Our take?

WOW! All we can say is WOW! Feds, Houston lawyers, DPS complaints and Philip Klein equals summer fun.