Lets get started....

RESIGN..... Ok Philip, we give up. Who do you want to resign this week?

BRENT WEAVER..... Oh look, Philip gives advice:

Let me start this off by saying to you that I get you have never had your own business. You have never met a payroll or had to pay payroll taxes. You have never ever created a job.

Yea....and you haven't been bankrupt, divorced multiple times, and convicted of being a deadbeat dad either. So don't listen to Philip.

534 Days: Since Philip Klein offered a $1000 reward for the identity of Sam the Eagle.

530 Days: Since Philip Klein announced that he had discovered the identity of Sam the Eagle.

235 Days: Since Philip Klein filed a lawsuit to discover the identity of Sam the Eagle and Gus Pillsbury.

LAWSUIT UPDATE: Lawyer Daggett is hard at work on his brief (teehee)


The idea of forming a "Hospital District" was floated. Well, it seems that not only is it floated - it is full steam ahead with State Representative Joe Deshotel considering running a bill.

Our take?

Joe will run it. It will pass. You will vote. And we will pay. And the democrats have done it again in Southeast Texas.


Really Philip, you must make a killing as a political consultant (which is why the SBA financed your pool isn't it?)

This was a personal favorite:

The Review has learned over the last twenty four hours of an investigation ongoing by Judge Ron Walker regarding gumballs being sold.

Welcome to Jefferson County Texas. Where after hundreds of thousands of dollars in security measures failed to stop a convicted sex offender on probation from selling gumballs on county property and the county knows.

Wait, I thought Judge Walker was going to resign so that Miriam Johnson, no wait, Nick Lampson, no wait, Mark Domingue, no wait..... Oh nevermind.....

Have a great weekend. We will post post the posted postings post the weekend.