Ask Dr. Van Pelt

Our good friend Gus Pillsbury made an interesting observation the other day regarding the writing style of Philip Klein:

You never commented on the amazing similarities between your writing style and that of Theodore Kacynski (The Unabomber):
Throughout the manuscript...Kaczynski capitalizes entire words in order to show emphasis. He always refers to himself as either "we" or "FC" (Freedom Club) [in your case, this would be "we" or "the Review"] though he appears to have acted alone. Donald Foster, who analyzed the writing at the request of Kaczynski's defense, notes that the manuscript contains instances of irregular spelling and hyphenation, as well as other consistent linguistic idiosyncrasies (which led him to conclude that it was indeed Kaczynski who wrote it.

We asked our own Dr. Lucy Van Pelt to take a look at some of the comparisons.

It is interesting to note that in Mr. Kacynski's manifesto, he refers to himself in the plural some 184 times. In an examination of the writings of Philip Klein over the past year, Philip refers to himself in the plural over 1200 times. Furthermore, Mr. Kacynski used the alternate identity 'FC' standing for Freedom Club eight times in his manifesto. In comparison, Philip has called himself 'The Review' over 270 times in the past year.

An examination of Philip Klein's signature, taken from his Small Business Administration Loan Lien shortly before he installed a pool in his back yard gives us some additional insight:

Now compare that to the signature of Ted Kacynski:

The formation of the first few letters indicate a strikingly similar psychological profile which is even more interesting when compared to the signature of The Three Stooges', Curly Howard:

not to mention movie star, Forrest Gump:

and lastly, a common pile of shit:

All of this leads us to the conclusion that there are some fascination psychological processes going on in the psyche of Philip Klein.