In a breaking news story, the Review has learned that agents from the Office of Special Stuff have sanctioned Jefferson County officials for violations of the Hatch Act.

"Our investigation showed some violations of the Hatch Act and we have reprimanded the individuals involved" said an anonymous government source that didn't call the Review over the weekend.

Several weeks ago, Philip r. Klein, editor (who we don't like), editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review, reported on various violations of the Hatch Act by local county officials.

"Et ez jes pllen kurruption." Said Klein in a phone interview with the Review. "Thes uffecels nev veleted tha lew end hev ped tha priz."

Acting on an anonymous tip from Philip r. Klein, editor, squads from the OSS seized Jefferson County officials over the weekend and transported them to an unknown location where they then mysteriously disappeared.

"The Hatch Act is very sacred to us." Said an officer in the OSS. "We take violations very seriously."

Sources inside the OSS confirm to the Review that all is now well in the county and that those officials who were removed have been replaced by unemployed workers from the area Hollywood Videos that closed recently.

Our take?

Our thanks to Philip r. Klein, editor for alerting the public to this serious problem.