So much to do...so little time...lets get started:

David Bellow: Looks like Gus caught Philip in another lie. We smell lawsuit.

Speaking of Lawsuits: Philip declares war on Facebook and Twitter. Go get em cowboy! Hope Facebook security is more cooperative than Google security.

Speaking of Google: How's that going for you Philip? (TeeHee)

Maness/Williams: What, no Williams signs. And still no Thorne/Maness expose story from the Review.

Rhonda: Poor Rhonda. Haven't you figured out yet that Philip is all hot air? Ethics complaint my butt.

Hits, Hits, Hits: Down---Down---Down. Visitors to Philip's site at 108/day. But don't take Philip's word for it. Check out WEBSITE OUTLOOK

One Year Ago:

Big time TV has come to Jefferson County Texas. Seemingly a major Network crew doing a story on our own Jefferson County is in town asking questions. What about?
Well - how about the domestic courts of Jefferson County Texas and the accusations that judges play favoritism and have a political agenda. Case in point - well - seemingly they have done their research and have pulled hundreds of files.
The target? District Judge Larry Thorne.

Boy that never happened did it?

Have a good weekend and remember...

...............Philip lies.............