The Klein Factor

As local elections come down to the wire, more and more political strategists are acknowledging the impact Philip r. Klein, editor, and The Southeast Texas Political Review are having on the electability of candidates. Dubbed "The Klein Factor", most politicos will admit that Klein can sway an election one way or another.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Philip Klein's endorsement will alter a candidates chances to win a race." Said a caller that didn't talk to the Review over the weekend. "Philip Klein's support is alot like getting your picture plastered all over the news naked with a young child."

Experts agree that a plug from The Southeast Texas Political Review can alter polling numbers by at least twenty to thirty points.

"Just a kind or positive word from Philip is enough to sink the strongest candidate." Said an anonymous source who didn't talk to us last night. "I could be a ragingly open pedophile and still have an excellent chance at winning if Klein supports my opponent."

Former candidates like Thurman Bartie, Billy Job, and even Presidential candidate Fred Thompson all agree that Klein was a major factor in their losses.

"Damn I wished he would have kept his mouth shut." Said former Republican candidate Billy Job. "I would be County Judge right now if it weren't for Klein."