Klein Announces Candidacy

In a breaking story, embattled editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip r. Klein, editor, announced today that he would seek public office here in Jefferson County, Texas.

"God Dammit! If I ever find out who you are I'm going to kill you! Now quit calling me!" Said our source at the courthouse who confirmed the story late this afternoon.

Klein, who has recently taken some flack for falsifying a document related to the race for District Attorney, held a press conference today on the steps of the courthouse announcing his intentions.

"Et es tim I tred 2 du sumtheng fur thes cunty." Klein told two homeless men and a handful of pigeons. "I well and tha kurrption!"

Documents manufactured....uhhh...I mean obtained this afternoon from the clerk's office indicated that Philip had indeed thrown his hat in the ring in the heated race for Town Drunk.

"Shit!" Said incumbent Otis Cambell. "I aint got a prayer now."

Klein, whose endorsements include the Jack Daniels Distillery, The Embers Club, and the Betty Ford Clinic, appears to be a serious contender for the position. The election will be held in early March and will also include Shady Rest curmudgeon Uncle Joe.