In a breaking news story, The STE Political Review has learned that a hearing in the Klein v. Google case was disrupted this morning by a lightning strike in the courtroom.

"I saw lightning" Said an anonymous caller to the Review last night.

Sources close to the incident reported that the plaintiff in the case, Philip Klein, editor of The SET Political Review, was struck by lightning as he took the oath to testify as a witness in the hearing.

"The judge made him raise his hand and swear to tell the truth, and when Philip said 'I do', this huge bolt of lightning just appeared out of nowhere and struck him in the chest."

Paramedics were immediately called to the scene and reported that Mr. Klein was in fact brain dead, but did not think that would effect his testimony.

"His brain does not appear to have been used in a long time, if ever." Said an EMT who demanded that we not use his name.

After a brief recess, the Judge resumed the hearing with Mr. Klein expected to testify about the topic of beastiality.