Are You Ready to Rumble????????

In an exclusive story, the STE Political Review has learned that a "no holds barred" cage match has been scheduled between self proclaimed political consultant, Philip r. Klein, editor and Rhonda Dugas, candidate for County Clerk of Jefferson County.

"Quit calling me you asshole!" Replied a source we spoke to late last night, confirming the story.

Dugas, a long time political activist from Groves is making her second run for public office this year and is considered by many to be the favorite in the contest against Klein, a Nederland businessman who hasn't done much since his Dairy Queen was placed in receivership.

"Rhonda is a fighter." Said an anonymous source close to the Dugas camp. "She will wipe the floor with Philip.

"Your crazy!" Replied noted fight analyst Mickey Goodmill who has volunteered to serve as Klein's 'cut man'. "Philip, he's a tomato! Well he kinda looks like one. He's gonna eat lightning! He's gonna crap......He's gonna crap.....out of his mouth.....wait, that's not right."

Promoters of the fight told the Review that representatives of the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee have expressed an interest in endorsing Klein.

"We think he could do for us what Jared did for Subway." said Steven Hanna, spokesperson for the whiskey maker.

The match is tentatively scheduled for next month at the Ford Park Colosseum and is expected to draw at least eight people.