A Message From the Editor

Over the past week we have been working with our legal counsel, the respected Jay Noble Daggett, and other interested parties including two homeless men and the operator of an internet porn site in Taiwan, in preparing a response to Philip's web page called "Lawsuit" regarding his filed suit against Google, Inc. etal.

The purpose of such is to keep you - and the media informed of what is happening with the lawsuit. In such - we don't really give a rat's ass if Philip writes some case law with this lawsuit.

The purpose of this post is to keep the public and media informed regarding this lawsuit and the filings to the court regarding all parties involved.

The Timeline of Events

4.45 Billion Years Ago: The Earth cools. Flora and fauna appear in the next billion years. The Southeast Texas Political Review is not being published at this time.

800,000 Years Ago: Primitive man discovers the use of fire. Patrick McDermott has not yet been born nor faked his own death.

1701: Jethro Tull invents the seed drill. Illiterate German immigrants begin settling in New Jersey.

March 1959: Philip Rogers Klein is born in New Jersey. Friends and neighbors find the child annoying and often refer to him as "grubby."

1968: The Rolling Stones release 'Beggar's Banquet.'. Nine year old boy creates stir in New Jersey school by passing out crayola drawn pictures of local public official having intercourse with farm animals.

1980: Pac Man video game becomes craze. Philip Klein does not graduate from college.

1987: Nothing really happened this year.

1993: Al Gore invents the internet. Nederland private investigator Philip Klein begins faxing obscene notes to random phone numbers under the guise Southeast Texas Political Review.

1999: A song written by musician Prince in the early 80's becomes popular again. Y2K bug doesn't happen. Two companies operated by Philip Klein file for bankruptcy protection.

2004: Shrek 2 hits the Box Office with a bang. SET Politics website appears and shows the world what a fool Philip Klein is. Sam the Eagle begins making fun of Philip Klein.

2008: Barack Obama becomes first black president of United States. Philip Klein offers $1000 reward for Sam the Eagle.

2009: Economic indicators are lower than any time in history since the Great Depression. Philip Klein files lawsuit to discover the identity of Sam the Eagle and Gus Pilsbury.