Jefferson County Corruption!!!!!!!

In a breaking news story, the Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned that Jefferson County officials have purposefully set all of the clocks BACK one hour in a effort to garner more tax moneys from already overburdened citizens.

"The3s ez kurruption" said Philip r. Klein, editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review, who first broke the story late Saturday night. "Tha kurrupt puliticos r tring 2 cullect mur texes."

Indeed, an investigation of all clocks in Jefferson County Sunday morning revealed that sometime during the night of October 31st, an additional hour was added resulting in a 25 hour day. The earth typically has only 24 hours in a day.

Klein, renowned speaker on corruption in local politics and head of The Team to Call When You Really Need to Know, theorizes that Jefferson County politicos somehow managed to add an additional hour in an effort to collect more taxes by making workers labor for an additional hour. He is convinced that the unexplained addition of the hour this past weekend is somehow related to an hour that was unexpectedly lost earlier this year. He has set up a secret website at to try and catch visitors who might know the whereabouts of the missing unit of time.

You bet we will watch this one