The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned that concrete evidence exists that President John F. Kennedy, thought assassinated in November of 1963 is actually alive and well. Local private investigator, Philip r. Klein (who we don't believe) is reporting that a fax sent from his office and then, moments later, received by his office, clearly shows that the 35th President, killed in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald some forty five years ago, is still alive.

"We hev bin wurkin herd un thes cas fur alongg tem." Said Klein. "Thes facts purves Kennnedie is aleve.""

According to Klein, the former President, who would now be ninety two, is living in a remote Antarctic research center, kept alive by alien technology and has disavowed his former life.

"Hes deth wuz a cunspircie bie Jeffersun Cunty politocs end is currpition."

Our take?

Look for Kennedy to announce his candidacy for the 2012 Presidential race.