Ask Smeagol

Philip's latest 'editorial' entitled 'The Enterprise' contains just enough bombastic crap to wretch the lunch from a thirty year merchant marine on a calm sea. 'We' thought 'we'd' let our own psychological consultant Smeagol take a look at it and see what he thought:

For my critical look at the Enterprise I have now become one of two things. Either (1) ignored in professional accomplishments or (2) made the target of criticism.

Yesssss....we sees it. The Philips wants it. They needs the attention. The precious has told us to seek the words of Dr. Sam Valkin who says:

Narcissists react angrily to criticism and when rejected, the narcissist will often denounce the profession which has rejected them (usually for lack of competence or misdeed) but simultaneously and paradoxically represent themselves as belonging to the profession they are vilifying.

We sees how the Philips act when they are criticized. They becomes the victim of the precious.

This site here in Southeast Texas has put me up as a target. My family, my friends, my business and most of all my personal life has been the target of those who have opposite views politically that I have.

The Dr. Valkins says that the Philips may also be experiencing some symptoms of Munchassen Syndrome by Proxy: emotionally immature person with narcissistic tendencies, low self-esteem and a fragile ego has an overwhelming need to draw attention to themself by protraying themself as a victim.

The Philips do so like to overestimate themselves:

After all - over 10,000 of you will read it this week

Many have said that I have upset the power structure and move the news media.

But the Dr. Valkins know what the Philips are seeking

People with narcissistic personality disorder overestimate their abilities and inflate their accomplishments, often appearing boastful and pretentious.

Yes, Precious. We now see how the Philips suffer. The Narcissistic Personality Disorder that makes them do these things.