Lets get started...

KFDM---Still mad at the mainstream. You guys should really invite him to some of your press stuff. The humor factor alone would be worth it.

Cop Talk---I guess Nick Lampson will run for Sheriff now. Silly Philip...

Media Wars--- "For you Pols - duck! It is going to be war we hear." Boy that one fizzled. At least you got to troll another thread.


"Sources in two local congressional offices have confirmed to the Review that former Vice President Al Gore will enter the race this fall in a bid for the Presidency." DAMN YOU"VE GOT GOOD SOURCES!


"Late yesterday afternoon, the Review and myself have given authorization to our legal counsel to begin the process of not only defending ourselves but to actively and aggressively pursue damages to this company and myself in State Court and with the Texas Bar.
We have given authorization to issue subpoena to local media representatives who have information regarding this story, certain blog sites own by Google, Inc. and those who operate them..."
So like, whatever happed to that? Google Security? Hello, Google Security?

Have a Great Weekend