Mr. Phlip Phlop

In his latest segment 'Cop Talk' Philip writes:

"The door just swung wide open with the announcement that Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods has thrown his hat in the ring to be the new top federal Marshall for the Eastern District of Texas! And we like what Woods has done"

First, that endorsement alone might be the kiss of death for Sheriff Woods. But lets not forget what Philip wrote about our good sheriff just FIVE WEEKS AGO:

"Joe "Quarterback" Stevenson will announce his intention to run for Jefferson County Sheriff according to sources that called the Southeast Texas Political Review...Stevenson, who is well known in the Beaumont area, will run Mitch Woods on his staffing plan and wasted tax dollars - as well as the high crime rate in Jefferson County...Many sources tell the Review that Woods in venerable (I think he means 'IS VULNERABLE') with his spending on Riverboats and what some call "toys" that are hardly used. Stevenson is said to be going hit hard on these issues."

One would think that Philip's SOURCES would have told him this a few weeks ago. But then again, Philip has a knack for just making things up.