Candidates Angry Over Endorsement

Some times we just have to shake our heads. The STE Political Review has learned that local candidates for Nederland City Council have hired council and are investigating where or not laws have been violated.

"We think some laws have been broken." Said one source that called the Review this past week.

Both John Bernard and Randy Sonnier recently lost their races for Nederland City Council. What did the two have in common? Both were endorsed by:
Philip r. Klein.

"We are terribly upset that Philip endorsed them." Said a source close to the campaign.

Klein, seen above in front of his house that is only 1600 square feet and valued at a little over 88 thousand dollars, (which is about what Rhonda Dugas's house is worth) recently came out in support of the candidates and went so far as to place yard signs on his property.

"We think that's what did it." Said another source close to the candidates. "If Philip would only have supported the other guys."

Attorneys representing the candidates have indicated that the laws of nature may very well have been violated. "We are investigating Philip Klein and are also having investigators investigate the investigators." Said an attorney we talked to in Houston. "We have heard that the Feds might even take a look at the case."

Attorneys? Feds? Philip Klein? Summer Fun!