The Predictions of Philip Klein, Klein and Associates, Political Relations

Philip has once again given us his predictions for the upcoming election. First Philip, you probably should educate yourself on WHO IS RUNNING for the offices you are commenting upon. (HINT: Chris Bell is NOT running against John Cornyn.) But then again you had that problem in the Audwin Samuels race didn't you? In any event, here are some of Philip's predictions from the past:


Jefferson County Commissioner, Pct. 2

"Alma Cantu may just be the front runner in the race for Jefferson County Commissioners Court in the democratic Primary. With Shane Sinegal aborted by the democrats - Cantu seem to have in place the machine to raise money and seems to be doing things by the book."

RESULT: Shane Sinegal beats Thurman Bartie in a runoff. Alma Cantu received a little over 15% of the vote.


Jefferson County County Clerk

"Okay - now we get this game going. Our take! Go get 'em Usoff. A non-politico in a very political battle against the Goliath of political world Tommy Gard."


CAROLYN LEBLANC GUIDRY . . . . . 8,778 39.62
DEBBIE USOFF . . . . . . . . . 7,134 32.20
THOMAS WILLIAM "Tommy" GARD . . . . 6,246 28.19


U.S. Attorney:

"Bob Wortham seems to be the front runner. Wortham was the US Attorney in the Bush administration for years. "Bob is up there on the list. But there are others that we cannot discuss. We will make the announcement when we make it," our source tells us."
"There is a dark horse from East Texas that we have been asked not to mention. He has not made a formal request to be considered, however, sources in the Justice Department tell us that there has been a stealth operation to bring his name up at all opportune times.Lets just say he lives in Jasper County. (Guy James Gray) "

RESULT: In April, 2002 Matt Orwig is appointed U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas.


Hardin County District Attorney

"Coe - who we really like - tells it like it is. It is that simple. Why David Sheffield would even consider running is again another blast from the past and politicos filling his head with ideas. Coe wins....and the GOP might gain a new member of the clan."

RESULT: David Sheffield defeats Buggs Coe in spite of Philip's claim that he screwed up 27,000 cases.



"Crude and Gas- By end of summer $200 per barrel and $7 a gallon. Drill now."