Philip's Problems

While Philip goes after Hilton Kelly, our own investigative correspondent, Beavis, dug up some stuff in Philip's own backyard:
The Review has taken another look in the Gadfly Trust, Inc., and Philip R. Klein. We made some calls to both the Secretary of State and the IRS enquiring the tax status and requesting a copy of the most recent tax filing for Gadfly Trust, Inc.
There was none? What? How can that be?
So we called Washington to the Non-Profit division of the IRS that was really helpful. They too confirm they do not have a tax return on file for The Gadfly Trust? What? Say it is not so?
When is SOMEONE in the media going to investigate this? Where in the hell are the editors and the news desk editors? Really - where are the investigative reporters? We understand that there are shootings and stabbings...but come on? This story if investigated could be a national story. The only thing it is lacking is sex?