Philip Klein......The Legacy

Bankruptcies......failed marriages.....failed businesses......

But hear what others have to say.....

"Know what the fuck you are talking about. You came off as uninformed or stupid. Personally, I lean more towards you being stupid." ------Mike Aguilar Going Underground

"Unless I have been sleep-calling radio shows, I never have called Mr. Klein." -----De Novo Law Blog

"The blog is completely unfounded, baseless, and without merit." -----Port Arthur Fire Department

"Throw in the lies of a tainted anonymous source and you've got a veritable cauldron of iffy journalism." ------Dan Sher…Beaumont Enterprise

"Klein's blog is an egregious use of media charged with falsehoods that can only distract from the truth." -------PAFD Local 397

"Klein's story is "patently false, malicious and defamatory" ------- Judge Tom Gilliam

"Philip Klein is an absolute idiot" -------KFDM Channel Six

Yes.....what a legacy.......