All the BUZZ........

Yes, the Eagles Nest was all a buzz......our favorite talk show radio host was returning to the air......

We had hoped oh so hoped when we read:

"As for our show, we are negotiating with another station in a new deal and if that does not work out and is good for all parties, we will explore the new frontier of INET Radio. We have hired a firm to start that process."

But INET, no other Philip Kleins.....

Then.....the ANNOUNCEMENT:

"From The Talk Show Grave - Dominick Brasha (you should really learn to spell your buddy's name) comes from the talk show grave and will be starting his new show back on KOLE Radio on Monday the 5th of May. Good luck Dominick. The Review has been asked to do the Tuesday the 6th show as a co-host thing. We will be there. "

But then, 'we' find this resume in 'our mailbox:

HELP!!! I need a Job
My background is mixed and varied. I hope the skills I have picked up from my life will help you find me a position
You will see I have done Radio and Television producing and directing, News Reporting, I have managed large groups of people, making sure sets are built, Union workers are treated correctly and film crews hired and arrived and did there work, dealt with budgets as well as News Writing, On Air Work, Acting, Film Writing and even Network sit com writing
I lived through 2 hurricanes, I was live on the air as people walked and drove in to Southeast Texas looking for help from New Orlands. During Rita I stayed on the air as the whole station left, just me and the engineer until the tower crashed and we almost got killed.
I think I might be useful to your company. I am smart and willing to learn and get the job done.
Dominick Brascia.

Investigation reveals it was posted TWO MONTHS BEFORE on THIS site:

....and we are crushed.....('we' think you ALL might should discuss this hallucination with your therapist.....just a suggestion.....)


Which is upsetting because.......

'We' want 'our' Philip Kleins....

Some distressing News for the Day

Sam the Eagle

P.S. An interesting role model you have there careful you don't aid and ABET (idiot!!!!) him......

P.P.S. 'We' saw this letter that you wrote to yourself after you checked 'our' site FIVE times:

From Port Arthur Texas :
"Are you going to go back to the radio.......?"
Answer : I have no plans. I enjoyed it but it took time. Of which I have little of.