BREAKING NEWS!!!! More Join the Anti-Klein Bandwagon!!!!

The Philip Kleins came under fire again today as yet another group joined the anti-Klein movement. The Anonymous, Children, and Puppies received support this morning as The Dead voiced their opposition to the renowned idiotors of The Southeast Texas Political Review.

"We are sick and tired of their disrespect." Said Pope John Paul II, spokesperson for the Coalition Of Deceased Individuals (CODI), who passed away three years ago. "...and don't think I haven't told the almighty about the snide comments he made about me drooling." The pontiff added. Joining the pope are a variety of dead individuals, many of whom do not know or have not heard of The Philip Kleins. "I'm just here for the camaraderie." said Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Though not technically dead, Mr. Richards has been recently awarded the title of 'honary dead'.

One point of controversy among the group was the status of President John Kennedy. Though assassinated in 1963, it has been reported that he may still be alive. "We'll get that straight soon enough." the Pope replied.

The Philip Kleins have come under fire as of late for comments and articles written on their weekly blog, The Southeast Texas Political Review.

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