The Eagle's Nest gets THOUSANDS of emails a day. Since we (notice the use of the plural AGAIN) have a SPECIAL birthday, I thought I'd post a few:

I slaughtered two cows to make Philip a belt. Where can I send it?
Selma in Bridge City

I'm giving him a whole slew of new credit cards!!!
Joe the social security guy

I am having trouble finding enough flour to make a cake big enough, should I go to Houston?
Stew the Baker in Beaumont

All but two of the invitations were returned unclaimed, what now?
An anonymous family member

How in the hell did those arteries survive 49 years?
Dr. Red Duke

Is 49 his age, waist, or credit score?
Yours Truly

Nobody will rent us space for the party though I have a lead on a crackhouse in the south end.
Another anonymous family member

I will pray for his unworthy 'sole'
The Pope

POST SCRIPT.....after posting these birthday greetings, I got several hundred emails wishing Philip a 'Happy Birthday'. They were, however, all from the SAME IP address in Nederland (which is not uncommon....Philip writing himself......or is he writing the other Philips that are housed inside his more than adequate body?). So, in the spirit of the day...

Happy Birthday to Philip
Philip from Nederland