JOHN, Knives are BAD!!!

Lindsay Lohan is pictured holding a knife to a friend's throat in pics that have been posted online. According to reports, the shocking photos were taken just weeks after she was admitted to rehab for the first time, and the 20-year-old wild child is captured holding a knife to a friend's throat at a party. In other photos the pal is also pictured sliding another blade down the Mean Girls star's breast.
Lindsay Lohan Holds Knife to Friend's Throat
She is seemingly ready to cut her top off to expose Lindsay. In another she is photographed pulling her jacket open and giving the camera a one fingered salute.
News of the World reports that a source said: "These photos are very worrying. Lindsay is so out of control. She should not be left within a million miles of a knife. The state Lindsay gets herself into she is lucky to be alive."
The report claims that the photos were taken four months ago at a house party where Lindsay was publicly claiming she was reformed and sober after her first bout of rehab. She is now on round two in Malibu. The 'Promises' clinic is where singer Britney Spears went earlier this year. Patients have to stay a minimum of 30 days. NOFT source also claims that Lindsay's family has paid for three guards to be with her in the clinic to make sure she does not escape.