We're Back With Some Important News!!!!!!

Hi boys and girls, just thought we here at the Review would take a break from our break to give you some EXCITING NEWS!



Yup, The Prince of lies has done it again only this time he screwed up big time.  The suit, filed in Bexar County, claims that Klein bungled and lied about his famous child finding exploits and that this resulted in some serious damages to some very innocent folks.  Sources close to the suit tell the Review that Klein will get hit and hit hard on this one.  "He's probably looking at ANOTHER bankruptcy" said an anonymous caller who did not call the Review.  Sources also confirm that complaints have been filed with the Department of Public Safety and that Klein's licenses will "almost definitely" be revoked.

Our take?  WOW!  Simply WOW!  Bad things happen to bad people and Philip Klein is a bad person.