Happy New Year to all our readers.  We here at the Review want to thank everyone for another record setting year.  With over 42 billion page views, 757 trillion indirect and direct page views, and 354 quadrillion obese page views, you have made us the number one political blog, in Iceland, Norway, Tuvalu and Kansas City.  We are proud and humbled to be so popular and look forward to making fun of Philip Klein for years to come. 

For fourteen years now, our mission here at the Review has been to make fun of Philip R. Klein, editor.  Philip is without a doubt one of the stupidest people to ever sit down at a keyboard and despite two lawsuits, a reward, and countless threats, Philip still has yet to discover the identities of either myself or my dear friend Gus Pillsbury.  So if you need a really good, private investigator, hire someone else. 

Unfortunately, our time here at the Review may be coming to a close soon.  As we reported to you some six months ago, Philip R. Klein, editor, and his attorney John Morgan have been under investigation for numerous felonies.  Sources close to the investigation have told the Review that a special Grand Jury has been convened and that indictments are imminent.  Furthermore, an investigation by the Texas Department of Pubic Safety is reportedly near conclusion and will act within the next thirty days to suspend Philip's license.

Our take?

WOW, simply WOW.  2014 is going to be a very bad year for Philip R. Klein, editor.