Sometimes here at the Review we have to sit down and scratch ourself.  We sit down and then we scratch and then we stand up and sway a bit and then we sit down again because we've had too much to drink and then we vomit and pass out. 

This past weekend, Jerry Jordan (who we like) ran a story on SETINVESTIGATES telling about the ongoing investigation of Philip Klein (who we don't like) and his attorney John Morgan (who we don't like) for perjury (lying under oath) and witness tampering.  This was confirmed in a story on KFDM

While we here at the Review applaud Mr. Jordan (who we like) and KFDM (who we like) as well as Ashley Gaston (who we think is cute) for their fine reporting, BUT.....we must say that they are a little late.  If you scroll down, you will see where we here at the Review reported months ago that Philip Klein (who we don't like----OK STOP!  That's ENOUGH!) was under investigation.  For an in depth look at the allegations against John Morgan (.....don't you do it) check out our dear friend Gus Pilsbury HERE.    

We contacted our sources at the DA's office for the latest on this breaking story.  "Klein really f--ked up this time.  He's getting indicted in January."  Said the guy that empties the garbage cans on Crockett Street.  "They're going after his licenses as well."  Said a caller to the Review late last night that didn't call the Review so we just made it up.

Furthermore, our attorney, the honorable Jay Noble Daggett, has been contacted by the Special Prosecutor regarding a false affidavit filed in the In Re John Does 1 and 2 (that would be us) case where the Supreme Court of the State of Texas ruled that Philip Klein was an idiot and we could make fun of him all we wanted to.  In that instance, Philip lied under oath to Judge Floyd claiming that he tracked IP information to Brent Coon.  Philip had to hire Wayne Reaud to get him out of that mess but it appears that like a nasty sewer leak, the shit is bubbling up again.  Time to call Wayne Philip.  Speaking of PHILIPLIES  I would encourage you to use a proxy server.  You see, even if Philip had gotten our IP information, which both he and his lawyer were too stupid and inept to do, he would never have found our ISP.

The Review has also learned that allegations have arisen regarding recent unsolicited contacts with underage animals by someone from Philip Klein's office IP address.  As we here at the Review previously reported, Klein has been investigated several times for such conduct though no charges were filed in that case as the witnesses were intimidated by letters from Philip Klein's attorney threatening to sue them.

Our take?

WOW!  SIMPLY WOW!  Philip Klein indicted for lying?  Bad things happen to bad people and Philip Klein is a bad person.  We have said it before a million times and we will say it again.......

..................Philip lies..................