The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned that yet another sexting scandal is rocking southeast Texas. This past week, several Twitter and Facebook account holders reported receiving unsolicited texts with lewd photographs attached from a Roadrunner account IP number using the screen name "HOTPHILIPPRK"

"I friended this guy on Facebook because he said he liked goats and he seemed like a nice guy and then all of a sudden he sent me this picture of himself. I didn't know what to think." Said Josephine, a Danish Landrace goat living on a small farm just outside of Des Moines, Iowa.


Other Facebook account holders reported similar messages from HOTPHILIPPRK.

" I had only sent a couple of messages to this guy when all of a sudden he sends me a picture of him with a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels and asks if I'd like to have a drink" Ruben, a gopher from western Colorado, told the Review. "He told me he liked to drink alot and would send me a bus ticket if I would come have a drink with him. I really hate buses."

"I thought it is was kinda cool." Said Elvira who runs a manatee related porn site in south Florida. "I told him I was into feet so he sent me a cool picture of his feet."


Internet investigators who investigate investigations have started an investigation into the investigation. Sources close to the investigation tell the Review that the prime suspect has a history of posting lewd comments about female news anchors HERE.

You bet we will watch this one!