Retard Writes

RETARD WRITES is a patent, trademark, 'copyrite' of STE Enterprises and the Eatafly Foundation. Any implications or inferences that Philip Klein writes his own Reader Mail are purely intentional.


Dear Mr. Eagle. I read recently that the Texas Legislature passed ANTI-SLAPP Litigation. What does this mean for your lawsuit?


Thanks for reading. Yes, the legislature did pass ANTI-SLAPP legislation and we were mentioned. You can read more about it HERE. It means that Philip Klein is about to get his wallet out and pay Mr. Dorrell a bunch of money.


I want to tell you that I read you every damn day. You are the greatest. You are so smart and good looking and popular. I tell everyone about your website and they read you too. I even read you. Do you read you?


Thanks for reading. We are often surprised at how many people we tell ourselves love us.


Huw meny piple do u hev wurking en ur wibsit?


If you ask Philip Klein, the number grows larger every day.

Silly Philip.