Retards Write

Once again its time for another installment of 'Retards Write'. A time when we here at the Review sit down and make up some Reader Mail so that it looks like people really read our site. Today we hear from BEAUMONT...


Mr. Eagle, my wife and I met you the other day and I have to say that you are now our favorite person. You are so smart and handsome and generous and sophisticated. I have a question though. Philip Klein says that over one million people visited his website during the first three months of this year. Is that true?


Thanks for reading and yes, I am all those things. Now on to your question. One has to remember when dealing with Philip Klein that there are two different worlds. There is the world we live in.....and then there is Philipland. In Philipland, Philip is smart, right all the time, and above all else popular. He routinely adjusts the numbers on his counter to make it look like alot of people visit his site. A quick look at WEBSITE OUTLOOK, a company that tracks traffic to internet websites, will bring us all quickly back to the real world. WEBSITE OUTLOOK's monitored numbers show that about 120 people per day have visited Philip Klein's website this year. That works out to a total of almost 11,000 visits for January, February and March. I hope that answers your question and thanks for reading the Review. We are now the most popular Political Review in all of Iceland.

Sam t. Eagle, editor