Philip Rogers Klein---LIAR

If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times. Philip Rogers Klein is a liar.

This past evening, Philip posted this on his website:

Yes - our firm was TROG 2.

We created it because TROG 1 (we know it is silly) went down and stopped. There were so many people willing to talk and give us leads - well we just used the site to collect information. During this time - we collected intelligence regarding people in Southeast Texas, including media figures, law firms and elected officials posting on the web site. This has proved very useful. In fact - the next time some of you walk up to me in the courthouse or in public - remember that I have known for two years what you really think.

Scary - huh?

We hired a writer to post items in a psychological format that would make people post and we could gather the Intel. Some of which was transferred to law enforcement in various investigations.

First and foremost, these are the actions of an individual with some serious mental issues. But lets take a look at what Klein was saying about....uh.....himself.....during this time period:

A "Reader Mail" (wonder who penned this one???):

From ? :

"Mr. Klein, would you please place my blog on your front page. It is time again to expose the media. I am back.........Signed Trog II

Answer : Oh gezzzz. Here we go again. Okay Trog - here is the deal - I will put you on the front page but if it gets out of control or .... are gone. Here is the site as sent to us : will post it on our front page later today. This is not going to be pretty I am thinking?

The Southeast Texas Political Review 12-9-08

Blogger Report : Trog is Trogging. POST MORE! We love to watch the media eat it's young.

The Southeast Texas Political Review 12-19-08

Blogger Report - We have no idea of what to make of the New Trog. They post, and then here comes the comments. We got through about half and had enough. The Media at its finest!

The Southeast Texas Political Review 12-25-08

From Groves :

"Why did you shut down the Trog site? Because they talked about you? You cannot stop them because Trog opened another web site here ........"

Answer : I did not know the Trog site was shut down. Now I do. The new one is up. Trog III? It is getting a little silly at this point? Yes? We will give Trog III a ride on the front page. As for opening or closing or whatever - sorry - this site is enough for me. I wish I had the time.

The Southeast Texas Political Review 8-23-09

Our take?

It is one thing to publish a website full of rumors, half truths and lies. But to create an internet personae in order to collect data on media and public officials is a clear sign of a serious mental illness. Philip Rogers Klein is a sick man. Very sick.