What a week, lets get started...

GUEDRY PSI: We hear something will be done next week. Indictment or civil contempt?

BISD: What can we say here at the Review. Everyone, including us thinks Carroll Thomas should be sent packing. At least we were not stupid enough to say this two days before Thomas got a huge raise:

Sources tell the Southeast Texas Political Review that discussions have begun behind closed doors regarding "the future of Dr. Thomas." Sources - three of them confirm - that some on the school board think that by changing leadership on the school board - it will stop the negative attitude that has now spread all the way to Austin.

Philip Klein 1-15-11

You are an idiot Philip!


September 2010

An expansion of the lawsuit is undertaken including Tortuous Interference with a business relationship. Two new parties are added. The petition to be filed with in two weeks in Federal Court.

......................................Philip lies................

Speaking of lies....


The SET Political Review has obtained copies of over 800 cases that have had to be re-filed in Hardin County by County Attorney Sheffield. The Review has also obtained copies of over 2,000 cases under investigation for the lack of filing the "Informational" as prescribed by Texas Law.

Philip Klein 1-22-07

Well that didn't pan out did it?


Word on the street is that with Jeff Branick on his assault quest to be the next Jefferson County Judge has seemingly un-phased Team Lampson...Branick will have the uphill battle. Any outsider may just win this thing.

Philip Klein 1-28-10

Funny, I don't recall Jeff even drawing an opponent.

Have a great weekend. We will watch for the fireworks next week. Could be quite a show when the constables show up on Nederland Avenue.

Sam t. Eagle, editor