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FRONT AND CENTER: Philip's taking another beating on the media forums. Caught lying......again HERE


The Southeast Texas Political Review will crest one half a million direct log ins this week - as well as hitting well over 3 million page views (all pages).

A recently updated WEBSITE OUTLOOK says hits are down Philip.......way down to 152/day.


Backroom sources say that Hearst will try to sell off the paper within the next year after getting their numbers stabilized and at least hitting bottom on the decrease of subscribers. In the wings are the owners of the "Examiner" we are told.

Philip Klein 1-16-2009

Sources inside the Beaumont Enterprise tell the Review that the gong is getting ready to be rung. According to our sources - layoffs, non-hiring and a "drop dead" day for the Beaumont Enterprise has been given to management.

Philip Klein 3-26-2009

Silly Philip......


- talk of FEMA chief for Nick Lampson?

Philip Klein 11-7-2008

As other counties around us continue to prosper and hold taxation and government spending down - Jefferson County continues to prove its lack of true leadership. We predicted the crash of Jefferson County by 2010.

Philip Klein 11-27-2008

Really, where does he come up with this shit?

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Sam T. Eagle, editor.