Here we go....

And Your Speaker For Today: Word is Philip won't be going back to the Rotary Club any time soon (a one person standing ovation we hear) and sources tell us that the Klein Fall Speaking Tour is on hold for now.....imagine that

Politics: Tim Funchess is considering withdrawing his name from the race for County Treasurer and moving to another planet. Apparently a Funchess sign was spotted in Philip's yard. Sorry Tim.....you're doomed.

Liars: Pot, meet Kettle

Seven Figures: Might want to check you facts Philip. Newman sued only the cops not the city. (giggle)

One Year Ago:

Bottom line - Dr. Thomas is getting his political ass kicked.

The Southeast Texas Political Review 9-25-2009

Not from where we're sitting....but then again we're not a 'political consultant'

Too Funny: I have to compliment Gus on the 'many faces of Philip Klein' links on his sidebar. And thanks to Mike McNeil for all the laughs.

IKE Lawsuit: A week late and a dollar short. Idiot.

Two Years Ago: Philip announced a $1000 Reward for the identity of Sam the Eagle. Within twenty-four hours he claimed he had paid it. (giggle)

Have a Great Weekend. As usual, we will post post posting post the posted post.

Sam T. Eagle, editor