Klein to Testify!

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned today that Philip R. Klein, editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review (who we don't like) has been asked to testify before Congress.

"I don't know shit! Quit calling me!" Said a congressional source the Review talked to over the weekend.

Sources close to the occurrence tell the Review that Mr. Klein will be addressing a Senate sub-committee post investigation regarding corruption in the Manatee community in southern Florida.

"While we find Mr. Klein physically attractive and understand he has been known to entertain farm animals from time to time, we don't think he knows anything about our community...come to think of it...Mr. Klein doesn't know much about anything he talks about." Said a manatee that called the Review late last night.

"We will wait to see what Philip Klein says and when he made it up." Said a senator on the panel who demanded we not tell you that we didn't really talk to him.

Federal investigators anticipate that post testimony, Philip Klein will spend between seven and ten years in prison for the lies he will tell congress.