Aryans Acknowledge Klein

Sometimes these stories just fall in our lap. And they are kind of funny. This one IS funny. So we laugh and we fall down and then we get up and find the other bottle that we hid in the back of the drawer and take another sip.

The STE Political Review has learned today that the Aryan Brotherhood has acknowledged Philip r. Klein, editor, as a key member in their organization.

"I will not affirmatively deny the confirmation of the denial that Philip r. Klein, editor is not a part of the Aryan Brotherhood." Said a high level source that didn't talk to the Review.

According to anonymous sources, Klein (who we don't like), holds the title of reichsidiot, and is instrumental in the dissemination of Aryan ideals on the internet.

"The Southeast Texas Political Review is really a platform for our message." Said a skinhead who called the Review from a meth lab in Nederland. "Heir Klein does a fantastic job telling others about the righteousness of the white race."

Klein, who will be speaking in Port Arthur later this week has posted some controversial statements in the past including:

I had a negro cut my yard. I provide jobs.

The only thing Beaumont is rich with is crime and African Americans selling drugs.

We know we live in a county...where the black community is changing history in front of the publics [sic] nose by lying and cheating.

These men had attitudes from the beginning - they were black.

And you folks in the black community - shut up.

Ward 4 clean up set for Sat. How about sending in the SWAT team for a real good cleaning?

We are still waiting for the Port Arthur blacks to come to Lumberton and burn it down because of Kevin LaDay and his PCP habit.

Our take?

WOW! Simply WOW! I hope Hilton Kelley doesn't go to the Rotary Club meeting on Thursday. Or if he does, maybe he could bring a large bat, or a tire iron, or something really heavy with alot of sharp edges on one end.