Klein Legal Woes Continue

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned today that Philip r. Klein, editor (who we don't like) has been placed on a watch list by Homeland Security Officials and was recently detained by Federal Agents when he tried to enter the country.

"You know I can't tell you that we got an anonymous tip that Mr. Klein was suspected of carrying large quantities of adipose on his person." Said our source at the Homeland Security Office who didn't call us last night.

Sources close to the BGAWPHL (Big Giant Airport Where Philip Klein Landed) leaked this confidential surveillance x ray photograph taken over the weekend of Mr. Klein to the media early this morning:

"Philip Klein carries more adipose on him than Carlos Escobar ever thought about." Said an anonymous source that we didn't talk to.

"I can't believe it." Said one of Philip Klein's old neighbors who never really knew him and lived almost fifteen blocks away for only a few weeks several years ago. "Does that SOB know what adipose does to the kids in our community? I hope they nail him to the wall!"

Our take?

WOW, Again simply WOW. First trashing Kelli Philips, then stalking in Los Angeles, now adipose smuggling. What's next?