Notice is hereby given by Sam t. Eagle editor to sue Philip R. Klein, editor, The Southeast Texas Political Review, Klein Investigations, Klein Associates, Kleinz 57 Ketchup, and any and all entities related to Philip R. Klein, editor for many violations as follows.

On April 28, 2010, Philip r. Klein, editor posted the following photograph on his website, The Southeast Texas Political Review:

Said photograph depicts yours truly, Sam t. Eagle, editor and was used without permission of Sam t. Eagle, editor, STE Enterprises or the Eatafly Foundation and was thus posted in violation of Federal, State, and Local laws, the laws of physics, the laws of nature, the Code of Hammurabi, and various provisions of the GEICO insurance adjusters manual.

Furthermore, said photo depicts Sam t. Eagle, editor in a compromising and unfavorable position, his head being tilted to the right thus defaming yours truly Sam t. Eagle, editor.

Notice is further given that Philip r. Klein, editor has further defamed and libeled Sam t. Eagle, editor, his heirs and assigns, by referring to him as "John Doe #1" when Sam t. Eagle, editor is in fact "John Doe #2".

Notice is given that unless Philip r. Klein, editor delivers the sum of:


To the campaign to re-elect Tom Maness,

we will file suit in one of the provinces of Liechtenstein for damages including but not limited to Philip Klein's lawnmower, his collection of Barbara Streisand 8-track tapes, all of his VHS tapes including Free Willy and the sequel, and the 47 empty bottles of Jack Daniels underneath his desk.

Sam t. Eagle, editor