GOOGLE Prepares for Battle!!!!!

In what is being described as the contest of the century, corporate powerhouse GOOGLE is preparing for the first round of it's legal battle with Philip r. Klein, idiotor.

"We are ready to shut this guy down." Said an anonymous source at GOOGLE who we didn't talk to last night. "Klein and Klein attorneys are idiots and have no legal, moral, ethical, or artificial leg to stand on."

Beginning tomorrow, hearings are set in the 172nd District Court to determine whether or not the hearings are to be heard post the hearings or if the court will hear a hearing on the setting of a hearing.

"Its all very exciting." Said a guy that routinely smokes cigarettes outside the courthouse.

Sources close to the hearing have heard that Philip r. Klein, editor, will once again address allegations of bestiality, shingles, and genital warts. "I have heard that at least half a dozen farm animals have been subpoenaed to testify." Said a caller to the Review.

In other news, Gus Pillsbury and Sam the Eagle won a great victory last week against Klein attorneys in the Court of Appeals despite Philip's assertions that nothing is pending there:

After being served with the order from the court, Google receives from STE and OKW, a notice of appeal to the 9th circuit court. The filing is not filed legally and outside the scope of the law. No appeal is filed with the 9th circuit in the time limits of law.

............Philip lies..........

The Court wisely dismissed Philip's Motion to Dismiss setting the stage for yet another showdown between Philip, Sam and Gus.

You bet we will watch this one!